Thursday, April 28, 2016

We made it! Apr 15th, 2016

We are in the Philippines safe and sound. Our flight to Hong Kong was over an hour late, so we had to run through the Hong Kong airport, but we (and all of our bags) made it.

I didn't get to sleep much on the plane, so I've had about 1.5 hours of sleep in the past 38 hours. 

The humidity and the traffic are awful but I was actually prepared for it, so it's been really fun. Elder Solis has never been east of Colorado before, and the humidity is killing him. It's been pretty hilarious. The traffic is crazy! They have lanes marked,but no one follows them and people just cut everyone off. It's very exciting and entertaining.

The food at this MTC is better than the food in Provo was. Tomorrow we will go on splits to go tracting with missionaries in some of the different Manila missions. That should be pretty exciting, because there are literally just people everywhere all the time.

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