Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week 7 & 8

So we  didn't really get a P-day in the Manila MTC, which was not cool, but P-day is here now!

So we actually took the train from Provo to get to the airport. Then we flew to LAX where we all got to call home, which was awesome! Then we flew to Hong Kong! It was so boring. All the lights were off, but for some reason, I could not sleep. Oh yeah, I remember, Sister Boobu kept singing this Indian song called Chicken-Kuk Doo Koo that she found on the in-flight entertainment! I listened to classical and Josh Groban and finally fell asleep for a couple of hours, but not for too long. Our flight got to Hong King an hour and a half late, late, so we had to RUN to the next gate. We made it as the last ones on the flight. I Manila, the MTC President met us, and we took a van to get to the MTC. It took like 2 hours, because Manila traffic is INSANE! So we literally took planes, trains, and automobiles to get to our missions, which is super awesome. 

We mostly just reviewed stuff in the MTC here. One day we went on splits to do proselyting with missionaries in the Quezon City North Mission. I was with Elder Foster from Layton, UT. It was SUPER hot. One day we went to get our fingerprints one for our visas, an they didn't know what to do with me. It was pretty funny. Elder Fifita was dying of laughter for the rest of the day. On Tuesday, we got to go to the temple, right across the street from the MTC. As we were walking out, we also saw the whole Philippines Area Presidency, which includes Elder Ardern -- a General Authority Seventy that spoke in the Provo MTC a few weeks ago. Apparently they go every Tuesday together. They were all so nice.

Then came Wednesdy! We had to get up at 4:30 so we could catch a van, n then a bus to Aliminos where the mission home is. Whe we got there we just did some training, were interviewed by President Mangum, and did some proselyting in nearby San Pablo with the assistants to the President.

On Thursday we got to meet our trainers. I'm assigned to the Santa Rosa 2nd ward in the Cabuyao Stake! My companion is Elder Bagtas! He is from Bataan in the Olongapo mission. He had his one- year mark yesterday. He's so humble and nice. He also became the district leader on Thursday! He's worried about it, but I think he will do well because he sincerely wants to help.

It's city, but it's not too poor like a bunch of areas in Manila that we saw. We actually live in a gate community in a 2 story house! It's just a kitchen and a bathroom downstairs, and then two rooms upstairs, but we have  gate porch and a balcony.

So it's ALWAYS hot here. There's so many people to talk to. We've picked up 6 new investigators in the 4 days that I've been here. Our subdivision is actually a "center of strength" b ecause there are a lot of people, and a lot of members that can come to investigator lessons with us. We take a tricycle, a jeep, and another trike in order to get to the other "center of strength."

The funniest experience this week was when an investigators  dad was drunk. Elder Bagtas asked him, in Taglog, to kill the TV before the prayer. The old man said in his drunken Tagalog, basically: "Okay, where's the sword?!"

I bore my testimony yesterday in church in Tagalog, and everyone said I did a great job, and were impressed. I can understand what's going on during lessons, and actually contribute which is cool, but I just need to learn more conversational Tagalog because it's hard for me to get to know people. The members here are so nice about my Tagalog, and never laugh, which is awesome.

 Makakabalik tayo sa piling ng Diyos dahil kay Jesucristo!

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